School Board Nominating Petitions

McLean Co. Districts:

Individuals interested in running for expiring school board terms can start circulating petitions on Tuesday, Sept. 23.  Starting this year, the county clerk or local election commission will be the election authority when it comes to filing petitions/paperwork and districts are no longer responsible for collection during the filing period.  To facilitate this change the County Clerk office has asked that the districts still assist in petition packet distribution for this election as they transition this year.  The county clerk will be the filing authority in December and all candidates will file their paperwork there.  You are only asked to make these available, be it electronically or in actual paper form.


Here are the required forms, as shared in this week's Illinois School Board Association newsletter:

  • A Statement of Candidacy, signed and notarized;  (attached)

• Nominating papers bearing the required number of signatures (each signature must have an address), and a notarized signature of the petition circulator; 

           Form P-7 is for those districts with elections by at-large or by township

           Form P-7A is for those districts with  elections by district

• A receipt from the county clerk showing that the candidate has filed a Statement of Economic Interests before the day for filing, but with the year (2014). Note: Incumbents only need to provide a copy of the receipt from their required May 1, 2014, filing, unless they filed electronically;  (Candidates can obtain these at the Clerk's office)

• Loyalty Oath (this is optional)


• Monday, Dec. 15, is the first day that candidates may file these papers. Monday, Dec. 22, is the last day candidates may file. (Filings must be made not more than 113 or less than 106 days prior to the consolidated election.)


Attached to this email are the forms referenced and pertinent pages from the Illinois State Board of Elections Candidate's Guide . Link to entire candidate's guide: