1:1 Chromebook Information

Starting in the Fall of 2016, every student in grades 5 and 9 will be provided a Chromebook by the Heyworth School District.  This will begin our 1:1 rollout.  The following year the next students in grades 5 and 9 will be given a new Chromebook, after fees are paid.  This will continue until all students in grades 5 though 9 will have a Chromebook that they will use during the school day and take home to use for homework and other various activities.  Students in grade K-4 will have devices provided in carts that are available during the day.

The students will be able to access the wireless network, in the school district, to work on lessons as the teachers require them to.  The Chromebook serves as a tool to transform the learning process.  The Chromebook is not just to replace paper and pencil, but allow the student to learn more about the content that is provided by the teachers and explore more about what is being taught.  

In the 21st Century, information is being processed at a rapid rate.  The technology allows the students to enter into this process and start learning new techniques ways to learn.  It allows the teacher to start working on a lesson, but then let the students do spontaneous research and go deeper than what a text book allows.